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Better Night Driving Begins with Heise. We’ve perfected high-performance LED lights for almost every type of vehicle and use. Now, you can upgrade any car or truck with projector bulbs to use our ultra-efficient, brighter LED bulbs. These are designed and optimized specifically for projector housings, but with the benefit of an instantaneous full lumen start-up, efficient LED output, and longer lifespan. Plus, they’re easy to install and have a built-in EMI filter to avoid any potential radio reception interference.

Projector headlights are a very sophisticated optical device. Just like a telescope, every component has to be aligned perfectly to make the magic happen. Heise has engineered this series to do just that.

Optimized specifically for projector housings
Instantaneous full lumen start-up
10,000 lumens *
9-32V DC
80 watts *
Built-in EMI filter so it will not affect the vehicle’s radio reception
Side-cable connection for slimmer installation
Tool-less rotatable collar for beam pattern adjustment
Copper backed PCB
Intelligent temperature system
Copper heat pipe cooling
Dual ball bearing fan
Off-road use only—not for use on public roads**
3 year limited warranty

*Rating for bulb set

** WARNING: THIS LIGHTING PRODUCT IS SOLD FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. This product should not be used on the road. Owners should keep the original factory bulbs so that they can replace them for use on public roads. Keep the box that the new bulbs came in to store the bulbs and be sure to handle them with care when removing and re-installing.

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