Mosconi ZERO3


2 CH. Audiophile amp 2 X 275W

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Stereo Power RMS @ 4 Ohm 2 x 270W
Stereo Power RMS @ 2 Ohm 2 x 520W
Bridge Power RMS @ 4 Ohm 1 x 1040W
Bridge Power RMS @ 2 Ohm 1 x 1850W
DC-DC Converter Typology Regulated
Input Sensitivity Range 0.43 ÷ 9.5 / 1.2 ÷ 27 (HL)
HP Filter Range (Switchable) 20 ÷ 175 Hz
HP Filter Slope 12 – 0.7 dB/Oct (Stereo & Mono)
LP Filter Range (Switchable) 50 ÷ 300 Hz
LP Filter Slope 12 – 0.7 dB/Oct (Stereo & Mono)
Band Pass Filter Yes
High Level Input Yes
Slot for G_cards Yes
Internal Fuse 1 x 150 A
Dimensions 450mm x 250mm x 50mm
RTC_MOS Optional
Finishing Brushed


AB class, full MOSFET
1 Ohm stable.
Damping Factor exceeds 3000 (ZERO 3)
101dB S/N ratio (A weighted)
Very low THD and IMD
Regulated power supply
High/Low level selector
Auto REMOTE function
Cross Over with separate High Pass and Low Pass filter, Band Pass allowed
Slot for G_cards (G_HOC, G_HP, G_LP, G_FSA)
Remote Volume Control RTC_MOS (optional)
Side panels in soft touch finishing with red LED lighting
Dedicated to 150th Anniversary of the unification of Italy

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