Adding window tint to your vehicle can add a dramatic effect.

Not only does it help keep you cool during the hot summer months, it also adds a new layer of privacy. We offer a wide range of window tint options in Nashville and can install it at any of our three locations* in Tennessee to help suit your needs.

Car window tint colors

  • We offer the one and only smoke colored window tint—a timeless option for window tinting. With the classic smoke color, what else do you need? The color can appear differently, depending on the window tint darkness.

Car window tint darkness

  • Window tint darkness can be very confusing. Keep in mind, the lower the percentage of VLT (visible light transmitted), the darker the tint. At Cartronics we offer 5%, 20%, 35% and 50% VLT; we also offer 70% for windshields. Confused on what percentage of VLT to have? Check out our window tint chart to understand what level is right for you!

Window tint types

    • Ultra performance: A nanoparticle film is the highest heat rejection and has a lifetime warranty. It is similar to ceramic film.
    • Metallic: A high-performance film (HP Smoke has higher heat rejection (than basic) and also includes a lifetime warranty.
    • Basic: A non-reflective (dyed) film (NR Smoke).

Window tint precut

  • Cartronics offers a computer-cut tint, making installation an incredibly quick process and an exact fit on your vehicle. This means you’ll spend less time waiting for your car and more time driving around showing off what looks like a brand new car. Contact us in Nashville, TN or at one of our other locations to learn more about window tinting in Nashville.

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