Tinting the windows in your car can benefit you and your car in many different ways. But, in order to avoid a ticket, you should know and understand the window tint laws in your state. Since our three stores reside in Brentwood, Antioch, and Madison – Nashville, we’ll focus our education on the window tint laws in Tennessee. For car window tinting in Nashville, TN, and surrounding cities, contact Cartronics, today!

All professionals should be aware of these laws, but make sure you know the following laws to always know you’re in full compliance:

Window Tint Darkness:
Window tint darkness can be very confusing. Keep in mind, the lower the percentage of VLT (visible light transmitted), the darker the tint. In Tennessee, you must allow 35% of light in the front and back side windows and the rear window.

Window Tint Colors:
Window tint comes in a variety of different colors. Though we prefer the classic, smoke colored window tint, you are allowed to go color crazy in Tennessee. No window tint colors are banned, allowing you to bring as much color as you want to your car.

Reflective Window Tint:
Reflective window tint acts as a mirror—people will see their reflection in the glass rather than just darkness. This is not allowed in Tennessee on the front and back side windows, so we recommend that you try to avoid it altogether and stick to nano-particle film and high-performance film.

Sticker Requirements:
You are required to have a sticker identifying legal tinting placed between the film and glass on the driver’s side window.

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