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Welcome to Fuse 5.
Accessing with Firefox
Login info
Homepage info
Tabs and Icons

Fuse 5 Overview

General overview of Fuse 5 Point of Sale system
Main Menu
Real-time performance
Fuse 5 Tech Support #
Tabs and icons

Create a Sales Order

Add an account.
Asking for customer info.
Saving info.
Create a sales order.
Vehicle info.
Product info.
Save / Print estimate.

Input Customer Info

Adding new customer information
Create account
Input customer info correctly
Dealer options
Saving the account
Create Sales Order
Account relationships

Saving a Sales Order or Quote

Saving a Sales Order or Quote
Vehicle info
Product info
Notes for installation
Save / Print / e-mail

Taking a Deposit

Accessing sales orders
Manage deposits
Add or return money.
Payment method
Apply deposit
Return deposit

Finalizing a Sales Order

Accessing a sales order
Verify vehicle information
Verify product information
Select Technician
Figuring Balance
Collect payment / Payment info
Finalize the order.

Searching Sales Orders

Searching for an sales order
By account name
Advanced search
Show all
Select by sales order #
Search by name / vehicle

Searching Inventory

Product Management
Search menus
Search by part #
Search by line code
Search from a sales order
If you don’t know the part #

Checking appointment schedule.

Open Calendar
Scheduled appointments
Schedule event description and notes

Scheduling Service Appointment

Add appointment
Event name and description
Event schedule

Creating a Warranty Sales Order

Verify the issue
Locate previous sales orders
Find original product sale ticket.
Create warranty order
Save and print

Store Transfer Request

Verify product stock
Filing transfer request from website
Form info and submission

Creating a Store Transfer

Access from Fuse 5
Current transfer status
Create transfer
Location selection
Product quantity and info
Finalize or pending

Receiving Store Transfer

Locate pending transfer in Fuse 5
Verify and validate quantities

Product Tracker

Purpose of product tracker
Data Tools / Tracker
Search options
Stock level changes

Generating a Sales Report

By User
By Year