We handle the manufacturer’s warranty for every product we sell.

Most manufacturer’s warranties require products to be shipped off for repair if something goes wrong within the warranty period.
To make sure our customers have the best experience possible if there is a problem with a product we have sold, we offer a product replacement plan, which allows us to replace a defective product with a brand new unit instead of sending it for repair. That way our customers never have to do without the product or service that they purchased from Cartronics. Please visit our Product Replacement Plan page for more information.


There are two types of Cartronics product replacement plans: Normal and Xtra Protection

The “Normal” plan covers ordinary wear and tear of your electronics purchased from Cartronics. If the unit stops working but still looks in normal condition, then it will be covered under this plan for up to the amount of the sale and the years specified on the invoice. Physical damage or moisture damage is not covered under this plan. Under this plan the item is replaced with the same model if available, or a replacement with the same features as the covered model. Although the price may be less than originally paid for the item, the features will be the same or greater. Cartronics reserves the right to substitute for another brand if a suitable replacement in the current brand is not available. The plan is limited to one replacement per year, per item and included labor to remove and install the product(s), as long as labor was purchased on the original invoice. The plan is available for 3 years or 5 years and up to an invoice total of $5000.
The “Xtra Protection” plan acts exactly like the plan above, but also allows a one time per item replacement even if the item has suffered physical damage or water/moisture damage.
There is “no deductible” for either plan. The correct plan must be added to the invoice or a separate invoice within 30 days along with the vehicle VIN and the covered invoice referenced. If a plan is sold, but the coverage is less than the invoice amount then it is the discretion of management whether to cover part of the items or refund the protection plan charges and decline the coverage. The original invoice must be present before the replacement can be performed. Cartronics may be able to locate a copy of the invoice, but if not, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide an invoice copy showing the purchase of the replacement plan. Each time the replacement plan is used there will be a new invoice made in the system showing the replaced product. The invoices made in the system will determine the eligibility of any replacement and replacement must be approved.

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