1. Question: Why should I do business with Cartronics?
    • Answer: Since 1982, Cartronics has offered the very best quality products and installation staff in Nashville, and the Middle Tennessee area. We specialize in providing the highest quality customer service and installation expertise in the industry and strive to achieve 5-star satisfaction with every customer experience. We require all of our technicians to be MECP certified. We also handle the manufacturer’s warranty for every product we sell to make sure every one of our customers are well taken care of long after the sale takes place.
  1. Question: Do you have financing options available?
    • Answer: We offer three forms of financing; Brand Source, Snap and Acima. For more information about Cartronics financing options click here: Financing Options
  2. Question: What does the manufacturer warranty cover?
    • Answer: Warranty policies can vary by manufacturer. Generally, if a product fails within the first 30 days of purchase we are able to exchange the product over the counter. Beyond 30 days, products usually must be sent to the manufacturer for warranty repair. If the product was purchased from and installed by Cartronics, the labor to remove and reinstall the product is covered under warranty as well. We will also ship the product to the repair facility for the customer at the customer’s shipping expense. Repair times vary and can take upwards of 4-8 weeks. Cartronics also offers a Product Replacement Plan, which goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, allowing a defective unit to be exchanged with a brand new model within a period of 3 or 5 years. Please click here for more information on our Product Replacement Plans.
  1. Question: Does Cartronics offer any kind of extended warranty option?
    • Answer: Cartronics offers a Product Replacement Plan, which goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, allowing a defective unit to be exchanged with a brand new model within a period of 3 or 5 years. We even offer a plan that will allow us to replace products that have been physically abused. (Including vehicle accidents, moisture damage, or misbehaving children!) Please click here for more information on our Product Replacement Plans.
  1. Question: Will installation of aftermarket products void my factory warranty on my vehicle?
    • Answer: According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty of your vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part was the cause of or contributed to the failure of the vehicle (15 U.S.C. 2302 (C)). This is why it is very important to have your vehicle worked on by MECP Certified professionals such as the technicians employed by Cartronics.
  2. Question: Will you install products that I purchase from somewhere else?
    • Answer: Typically, we do not but there are exceptions. However, any product that you bring in, we can not provide a warranty for. Amazon products are by case only. WE WILL NOT INSTALL SKAR PRODUCTS!
  3. Question: Do you offer off-site technical work?
    • Answer: In some cases, we can offer off-site work if we are fully staffed. Customers are encouraged to call and schedule an appointment with advanced notice. A service call fee is required for all off-site work, relative to the proximity of the installation site from our store location.
  1. Question: Do you sell/ install collision avoidance systems?
    • Answer: Yes, we have top brand collision avoidance systems that can be custom fitted/ installed on most any vehicle to provide the latest in safety technology.
  2. Question: What’s the difference between a 1-way alarm/ remote start system and a alarm/ remote start 2-way remote system?
    • Answer:A 1-way alarm/ remote start system simply sends a command to the vehicle. A 2-way alarm/ remote start system sends a confirmation back to you on a LED or LCD remote or smartphone.
  3. Question: I would like to add Remote-Start to my vehicle, but I work downtown and my vehicle is usually a good distance away from me, is there a system that will work from a far distance that I can rely on?
    • Answer: Yes there is. We have systems that will allow you to start your vehicle with your smartphone with virtually unlimited range. The app will provide confirmation that the vehicle received the command and can even track the location of the vehicle. There is a small service subscription required for smartphone interface module.
  4. Question: How much does a Remote Start system usually cost?
    • Answer: Remote Start systems vary in price depending on the vehicle. Some vehicles can have a basic remote start system install for as little as $279, although most customers select an upgraded system in the $500 range. Some vehicles are less and some are more, so the best thing to do is call or visit our store for a more accurate estimate on your vehicle.
  5. Question: If I get a Remote Start system installed on my vehicle, is it safe?
    • Answer: Yes. When you have a remote start system installed by a professional shop like Cartronics, the vehicle stays totally secure. The doors can remain locked and if someone were to get into the vehicle it will shut off automatically if you do not have the key. This eliminates the possibility of theft or accident.
  6. Question: How can I add a backup camera to my vehicle if my car does not have a display?
    • Answer: If your vehicle does not have a display capable of adding a camera to it, usually there are 3 options. The first option is to simply have a separate display mounted on the dash. It is usually the least expensive. Picture having a portable GPS unit mounted on the dash to view your camera. The second option is to replace the rearview mirror in the vehicle with one that has a camera display in it. The third option is to replace the current radio in the vehicle with one that has a camera display built into it.
  7. Question: I was thinking about adding video recordings inside my vehicle. Do you have anything to suit what I am looking for?
    • Answer: We sure do, here at Cartronics we provide dash cameras for the front and also the rear of your vehicle for theft purposes or accidents.
  1. Question: Do you tint vehicles?
    • Answer: Yes, we offer tint packages starting from $99. We also have packages that offer the best in heat rejection and UV blocking technology to save your vehicles interior and contents, as well as comfortability and privacy.
  2. Question: How dark can I have my windows tinted?
    • Answer: According to Code Ann. § 55-9-107, It is unlawful for any person to operate a vehicle on a public road with windows that have a visible light transmittance of less that thirty-five percent (35%); or reduces the visible light transmittance in the windshield below seventy percent (70%).
  1. Question: What kind of lighting does Cartronics carry?
    • Answer:We have many different sources of lighting for vehicles, boats, and even motorcycles. We carry many lighting options in stock such as HID and LED headlight kits, light bars for trucks and jeeps, underglow kits, interior lighting, wheel lights and even ghost lights.
  2. Question: Is it legal to add LED lighting to my vehicle?
    • Answer: Laws vary from state to state, you must check your local legislation to laws pertaining to your state in particular. According to Code Ann. § 55-9-402 (2015), vehicles cannot have lights that are visibly flashing White/Amber/Red/Blue or any combination of these colors, while the vehicle is on a public road, whether in motion or stationary.
  3. Question: Do HID kits draw more current than factory lights on a vehicle?
    • Answer: No, in fact, they draw considerably less power.
  1. Question: What is the difference between a sound processor and an equalizer?
    • Answer: Both a sound processor and an equalizer are used to make adjustments to the tonal properties of the stereo system. Equalizers have been used for years to adjust sound and are analog. Sound processors are newer technology that makes adjustments to the sound digitally. Usually, sound processors are used with computer software to make adjustments.
  2. Question: What is a component speaker set?
    • Answer: Component speaker sets can also be referred to as Separates. Usually, they consist of 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 crossovers. Most newer vehicles have speakers in the doors and small tweeters in the front. A component set is used to replace all 4 speakers in the front.
  3. Question: What is a coaxial speaker?
    • Answer: A coaxial speaker is a 2 or 3-way loudspeaker in which the tweeter and midrange driver are mounted in front of the woofer. The advantage of this design is that it takes up less space.
  4. Question: What is the difference between SPL and SQ?
    • Answer: SPL stands for Sound Pressure Level. In car audio, SPL refers to the quantity of sound achieved which can be measured in decibels. In other words, how loud you can be! SQ stands for Sound Quality. SQ car audio systems are focused on how accurate the sound can be. Usually, SQ competitions are determined by judges listening to the stereo system. SPL competitions are determined the decibel level achieved.
  5. Question: My CD player will not eject my CD. What are my options?
    • Answer: With in-dash 6 disc changers being a fairly standard feature for many vehicle manufacturers the last 15 years, many people have had the same problem. The fault in most instances isn’t with the user. Its with the idea. A CD changer has many very small moving parts inside it and with the long term abuse and vibration of being in a moving vehicle the chances of failure are very high. If yours is not ejecting the disc, then usually something is wrong with it and it will need to be repaired. The chances of you being able to remove the disc, without damaging the unit further, and it work properly after are very slim. So if your unit is in need of repair, you have 3 options. Repair, replace with same, replace with aftermarket. A sales member can help you weigh the pros and cons of all three options for your vehicle so that you make the best decision.
  6. Question: What is Android Auto?
    • Answer: Android Auto, much like Apple CarPlay, is a feature that is now available for nearly every vehicle on the road! It is Android software that was created so that you can use your Android device safely while driving. You can use voice commands for navigation, music, text messaging, phone calls, and even the weather! It is the only safe way to use your Android device while driving.
  7. Question: What brands of subwoofers does Cartronics carry?
    • Answer: We carry a variety of quality subwoofers such as: JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood, Alpine, Hertz, Audison, Pioneer, and Wet Sounds.
  8. Question: Does Cartronics work on audio systems on Can- Am’s, Harley Davidson’s, Boats, and/or Slingshots?
    • Answer: Yes, Rockford Fosgate makes specific audio systems for the motorcycles and slingshots. We also carry many different radios, speakers, and amplifiers for marine weather to go onto off-road vehicles and boats.
  9. Question: If I wanted to add video to my vehicle, what are my options?
    • Answer: We are able to replace the factory radio that is in your vehicle with a touchscreen that can play movies. Also, you’re able to add replacement or vehicle specific headrests and overhead tvs for backseat passengers.
  10. Question: Does Hushmat really make a difference in the sound quality?
    • Answer: Yes, a tremendous difference. What Hushmat does is quiet the door panels by adding insulation in between the door frame and door panel. You’re able to hear more bass, and hear the tightness in your mid-range without rattling noises.
  11. Question: I installed an amplifier in my car, and now my lights dim when I play my stereo loud. Why is that?
    • Answer:Dimming lights are an indication that the amplifier is not installed correctly, or is not able to draw the power it needs to from the vehicle’s electrical system. The first thing to do is make sure that your power wire is a large enough gauge. Your ground wire needs to be AT LEAST as large as your power wire, if not larger. Also, make sure that the ground wire is firmly connected to the vehicle’s body, and that all paint has been removed in that area. Other things that may need to be upgraded are the wires that go between the vehicle’s battery and frame (factory ground) and the wire going from the alternator to the battery. If all of these are upgraded and your lights are STILL dimming, it’s probably an indication that your vehicle’s electrical system is not strong enough to support the amplifier, and other changes will need to be made. These could include (but are not limited to) adding a capacitor, adding a second battery, or upgrading the alternator.
  12. Question: What is Apple CarPlay?
    • Answer: Apple CarPlay is a feature that is now available for nearly every vehicle on the road! It is software that is made by Apple that allows drivers to use their iPhone in a way that is safe and legal. You simply plug in you iPhone to the USB outlet when you get into your car and then you have an assortment of your favorite apps at your fingertips. Also, with the help of Siri Eyes Free, you can dial by voice, input navigation destinations by voice that show the map right on your radio. It is the only safe way to use your iPhone in the car.
  13. Question: Can I amplify my factory speakers?
    • Answer:Although adding more power to speakers will allow them to play louder and clearer, adding an amplifier to factory speakers isn’t always a good idea. The vehicle manufacturer selected these speakers, meaning they weren’t high on the priority list, and they may have some characteristic that makes them incompatible with aftermarket amplifiers. If you’re wanting better sound and thinking of an amplifier, it’s good to upgrade to powerful and compatible speakers as well.
  14. Question: I want to have a subwoofer and amplifier installed in my vehicle, but I want to keep my factory head unit. Can you do that?
    • Answer:Absolutely. In fact, this has been an increasingly popular trend in the past few years due to factory radios being more integrated into a car both visually and electrically. In situations like this, we use what is called a Line Output Converter (LOC) which hooks into the speaker outputs of your factory radio. It then generates a usable RCA preamp signal which goes to your amplifier. The benefit of these is that they are typically quick and easy, and allow you to retain that factory look. There are some drawbacks however. The signal quality is often somewhat limited by the factory radio, which can be a concern if you are trying to achieve maximum sound quality. Additionally, any signal that is going to your aftermarket amplifier is also going to your factory midrange speakers. Because of this, you cannot effectively remove the low frequencies from your midrange speakers (which is generally desired and improves sound quality) because those low-frequency signals would then not be going to your subwoofer either. Installing a Line Output Converter can be either a big compromise or a great solution, depending on what your goals are for your audio system.
  15. Question: My friends stereo is a lot louder than mine. We have the exact same equipment. What is the reason for that? He has a 4 door car and I have a truck.
    • Answer: A very important aspect of car audio systems that is often overlooked is the acoustics of the vehicle itself. Some vehicles amplify certain frequencies more than others. Large SUVs for example will often amplify deep low bass, making them a good candidate for a “ground pounder”. Other vehicles such as extended cab pickup trucks, while being fairly large, do not have nearly as much acoustical gain. So how do you determine what works best in your specific vehicle? Often, this is a matter of trial and error. At Cartronics, we have experience installing stereos in nearly every imaginable type of vehicle, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We would love to share some of this knowledge with you and invite you to stop by so we can discuss what type of system would work best in your specific car.
  16. Question: Will my steering wheel buttons still work with my new car radio?
    • Answer: Yes, we have Steering Wheel Control adapters in stock to allow us to program the buttons on your steering wheel to do any number of functions allowed by your new radio, including Bluetooth functions like activating the Voice Control on your phone.
  1. Question: Do you ship same day?
    • Answer: If order is received before 12pm central, it will be shipped same business day. After 12pm will be shipped next business day.
  2. Question: Do you offer free shipping?
    • Answer: Yes, we offer free shipping for all orders over $500 USD
  3. Question: Do you accept returns or exchanges?
    • Answer: Yes, within 30 days, with all original packaging. Please email info@cartronics.biz for info and packing slip
  4. Question: I didn’t receive a tracking number.
    • Answer: You should have received an email as soon as your item was shipped. If not, email info@cartronics.biz and we will happily get it sent to you!
  5. Question: Do you have a coupon for service members?
    • Answer: Yes we do, please call 615.645.0222 for a coupon code.