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DashCam add on to most ESCORT detector mounts

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Capture The Unexpected

The ESCORT M1’s emergency record button and G-Sensor allow you to lock important videos in emergency situations. Automatic collision detection and extreme climate durability ensures you’ll never miss a moment.
Direct-to-Smartphone Video Management

The ESCORT M1 comes Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled directly through the M1 app. From there, users can edit settings, download footage, and share anywhere.
High Resolution Video Recording

The ESCORT M1 records in full HD 1080p and is optimized to provide crystal clear video during the day and at night.
Easy-To-Use Features

The M1 includes collision detection, an emergency record button, continuous loop technology, and an intuitive app interface to ensure the smoothest operation.
160° Viewing Angle

Ultra wide-angle view gives you a full view of the road and your periphery while at the same time minimizing edge distortion.
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Optimized to automatically maximize video clarity in daylight or night-time conditions.
Built-in Microphone

Records audio along with your video. The microphone can easily be toggled off via the M1 App, if you prefer not to record audio
Easy Video Management

View, save, and share with ease on iOS and Android devices via Wi-Fi.
Compact Installation

Utilizes the same power source and mount as most ESCORT/Beltronics detectors.
Continuous Loop Recording

When full, the M1 records over the oldest files to automatically make space.
Extreme Durability

Super capacitor technology allows the M1 to withstand the most extreme climates.
Crystal Clear Video

Full HD (1080p/30fps), wide-dynamic range, and enhanced night time recording.
Emergency Recording

Lock videos with G-Sensor or emergency record button so they are not looped over.
M1 Dash Cam App

The M1 Dash cam app offers full control of your ESCORT M1 Dash Cam from the palm of your hands. Start/stop recording, edit footage, change settings and share with ease directly from your smartphone.
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View, Edit, Share

Watch, edit, save and upload videos with a full suite of video editing software right on your smartphone.
Download and View

Save videos to your phone right from the app. Share to social media, via email, or by any file sharing method you choose.
Control Settings

Set M1 Dash Cam setting with your smartphone. Control G-Sensor, video resolution, continuous loop length and more.
What’s In The Box

Included with your ESCORT M1 Dash Cam is a 16GB Micro SD Card, Micro-USB to USB Type-A cable, and all mounting accessories.

16GB Micro SD Card
Micro-USB to USB Type-A cable
mounting accessories

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