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200 MM 2 Ohm High-fidelity subwoofer kit for Mercedes (2 Subs)

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Subwoofer for Mercedes-Benz

Designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the high-fidelity pair of subwoofers ISUB MBZ 2 is a leading solution that fits easily and discreetly into vehicles.
These neatly designed left and right subwoofers fit perfectly underneath the floor of the vehicle and dramatically increase the level and quality of bass within the cabin. Thanks to exclusive Focal technologies and new developments, they make the most of the original speaker placements’ available space. Equipped with the Polyglass cone, the speaker drivers deliver deep, powerful bass.

For left-hand drive vehicles only.
Key Points:

Developed in France by Focal
Quick and easy to install in the original locations
Seamless integration into the cabin
High-fidelity sound and excellent power handling
Dedicated right and left speaker drivers
Dedicated manufacturer Plug & Play connector

 Vehicle Compatibility:
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