Focal SUB10


10″ Single Voice Coil Subwoofer

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Designed and developed in France, the Sub 10 benefits from Focal’s sound savoir-faire. With its 10” (25 cm) polypropylene cone, this subwoofer provides an excellent bass boost for any on-board audio system. It has a single voice coil architecture for simplicity and efficacy.

Key points
• A deep and powerful bass
• Effective as bass-reflex or sealed box
• Sealed box from 10L
• Bass-reflex box from 25L
• Robust design; steel chassis
• Excellent power handling
Polypropylene Cone

Using a polypropylene cone in the speaker drivers provides a lot of rigidity which repels distortion at loud volumes, ideal for a subwoofer.

Simple Connection

Thanks to screwable terminals, connecting the product to its audio system is simple and reliable.


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