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10″ Subwoofer

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The fourth generation of K2 Power kits, with their emblematic aramid fibre cone, remain true to the precious and distinctive K2 DNA. The speaker drivers combine performance, power and style, whilst including patented innovations to deliver the very best. Designed, developed and manufactured in our workshops in France, the subwoofer SUB 25 KXE has impressive power handling.

• Made in France in the Focal workshops
• K2 Cone
• Robust design and high quality materials
• Exceptional power handling


K2 Cone in aramid fibre
The K2 sound “signature”, high performance, dynamic and precise

Progressive profile spider
Increases the linearity, precision and dynamics

Special rubber profile surround
Reliable and robust for better travel

Engraved serial number
Certificate of authenticity

Aluminium frame
Rigid, non-magnetic and exclusive profile for better excursion

Double voice coil motor unit
Linear and high power

Push terminal block
Easy wiring

Coil ventilation system
High SPL, high power handling

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