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Utopia M Tweeter (pair)

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The culmination of the very best of our latest innovations, our Beryllium tweeter combines for the first time ever our ‘M’-profile dome and our patented TMD® surround. With this new combination, our engineering teams have successfully extended the frequency response and obtained better dispersion. We also get a treble that is unrivalled in its precision, of great finesse, and an incredible soundstage’s width.

voice coil diameter (1″) 25mm
motor Neodymium
cone ‘M’-shape Beryllium dome
suspension Tuned Mass Damper (TMD*)
impedance 4 Ohm
max power 200W
nom power 20W
sensitivity 95dB
frequency response 1.5kHz – 50kHz
accessories Bracket and mounting screws supplied

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