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Enhance the appearance of any vehicle’s front grille with this chasing LED grille lighting kit. This kit includes six chasing LED tubes, a Heise Connect Controller, an RF remote, cables, and hardware. It is designed to add brilliant backlighting to the front grille for a dramatic effect. The kit uses two circuits for a more vibrant illumination and works cohesively with all Heise chasing LED lighting as part of the Heise Connect Universe (HCU). This kit is controlled using the included RF remote or the Heise Connect app, available for download on smartphones and tablets. Users can choose from static color settings, 170+ color-changing patterns, DIY lighting patterns, music sync, and more. This LED lighting can be installed independently or combined with the Heise HE-CHASE-UNDGKT underglow kit to stand out from the crowd.

Universal applications
1-year warranty

Kit Includes:

Heise Connect Chasing Controller (HE-CHASE-CB)
(6) 1’ chasing LED tubes
(2) 5’ extension cables
(4) 1’ extension cables
(12) Clamp mounts
(12) Clamp screws
(12) 8” cable ties
(4) 4” cable ties
(1) adhesive pad
RF remote included

Heise Connect Chasing Controller


This controller is specifically designed to work with Heise Chasing LEDs, making customization and control of these products easy. It features two wireless control options; an included remote control or using the Heise Connect downloadable app for smartphones or tablets. Users can easily group multiple controllers through the app, and every controller has left and right zones for independent turn signal control wires and a dedicated brake light trigger wire. This product works with all pre-existing Heise Chasing products.

Addressable LED controller
170+ color-changing patterns
Turn signal function (both left and right)
Reverse/door trigger function
Brake function
DIY pattern function
Music sync function
App controlled (Heise Connect app) or via the included RF card remote
Max load 10A
Water-resistant Heise connector

Heise Connect App

The Heise Connect app allows users to remotely control Heise LED lighting products from the palm of their hand. The app automatically connects via Bluetooth® and detects the type of control box connected to the app; RGB, RGBW, or Chasing, allowing groups of all products to be used and controlled within the same mobile app. A selectable color wheel lets users choose from 16 million RGB color options and a true white light color option available with RGBW products. Users can also select from 24 pre-programmed patterns for RGB and RGBW and 170+ pre-programmed moving patterns for Chasing. A DIY pattern option for Chasing products allows for selecting up to 16 colors and 3 motion effects. The app also features independent left and right turn signal triggers, a brake trigger, and a music sync function.

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