Underglow Kit UTV, ATV, Golfcart

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This kit includes 6 sealed LED tubes, mounting hardware, and Connect Chasing Controller. The Chasing tube layout is designed to separate a vehicle’s left and right sides. When a pattern is selected within the app, that lighting pattern will track down each side of the vehicle with the same timing. The Pro Controller provides 12volt triggers for the option to turn lights red when the vehicle is braking and yellow for turn signal indication.


6 Sealed Polycarbonate LED tubes: (4) 9” & (2) 28”
Mounting hardware & extension cables are included
Water-resistant Heise connector
Includes Pro Controller, RF card remote
Option to turn lights red when braking, yellow for turn signals with the included RGB controller
Connect Chasing Controller Features:

Addressable LED controller
170+ color-changing patterns
Turn signal function (both left and right)
Brake function
DIY pattern function
Music sync function
App controlled (Heise Connect app) or via the included RF card remote
Max load 10A
Can be grouped in the app with any Connect Controller (RGB, RGBW, and Chasing)

1-year limited warranty
Modifying this product can damage the controller and void the warranty. Also, adding supplementary lights to this kit may damage the controller and void the warranty.
If more lighting is needed, we recommend using a second controller.

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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 in


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