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SAT1 OEM FARKA to Aftermarket SMB Satellite Radio Antenna Adaptor

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Why install a new satellite radio antenna when there's already one on your roof? iDatalink's Maestro SAT1 cable allows you to connect your SiriusXM satellite radio tuner to your vehicle's original satellite radio antenna, eliminating a lot of time, heartache, and hassle. It adapts the FAKRA connector at the end of your factory antenna cable to an SMB plug that connects to your SXV100, SXV200, or SXV300 in-car tuner.
Product highlights:

connects SiriusXM satellite radio tuner to vehicle's stock satellite radio antenna
FAKRA-to-SMB adapter cable
compatible with SiriusXM SXV100, SXV200 and SXV300
warranty: 1 year
Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the box:

6.5" Satellite radio adapter cable (terminated by a FAKRA connector on end and a SMB connector on other end)

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