JL Audio 15WOV34


15-inch (380 mm) Subwoofer Driver, 4 Ω

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W0v3 15-inch Subwoofer (500 W, 4 Ω)

Sometimes, bigger is better… For these situations, the 15W0v3 offers excellent excursion capability, linearity and an overall performance envelope that puts it right at the top of its price class. It features a very beefy 2.5 in. diameter voice coil and our patented Elevated Frame Cooling design for enhanced power handling and reliability.

The 15W0v3 is best used with amplifier power in the 150W – 500W range and is optimized to operate in a moderately sized 1.875 cu. ft. (53.1 l) sealed enclosure, or a 2.75 cu. ft. (77.88 l) ported enclosure.


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