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MediaMaster® NMEA 2000® Volume Controller

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MediaMaster® NMEA 2000® network wired remote volume controller

The MMR-5N2K is a wired remote designed to add auxiliary volume control to compatible MediaMaster® source units.

Outfitted with a NMEA 2000® Micro-C connector, the MMR-5N2K connects to a host MediaMaster® source unit in two ways:

Direct interface with a vessel's NMEA 2000® network using applicable NMEA 2000® cables and connectors (not included)
Direct connection to single MediaMaster® source unit using MMC-PN2K powered network cables (sold separately) to simulate an isolated, stand-alone NMEA 2000® network
Engineered for real-world marine (and many outdoor) applications, its weatherproof (IPX7 rated) design is built to withstand the harshest environments.

The MMR-5N2K includes the following features:

NMEA 2000® Certified (LEN 2)
Weatherproof design (IPX7 rated) for real marine duty
Large rotary design for easy adjustments, especially while in motion
One knob simultaneously adjusts all audio zones
Simple, push-button audio mute/unmute control
Integrated status LED ring with programmable brightness
Front-mounted design requires just a single 1.5-inch (38 mm) hole for installation
Automatically recognizes which MediaMaster® source unit model is connected
The MMR-5N2K is compatible with these MediaMaster® source units:

Note: The MMR-5N2K should only be used with a single MediaMaster® source unit, connected via a NMEA 2000® network or MMC-PN2K powered network cables (sold separately). The level control mode for each audio zone of the host source unit must be set to Relative or Variable. When connected, all audio zones will adjust simultaneously. Functionality of the MMR-5N2K is solely derived from the host MediaMaster® source unit.


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