Stealthbox® for 2021-Up Ford Bronco

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Ford’s legendary SUV combines cool retro styling with impressive on and off-road capabilities, along with a highly functional interior for passengers and cargo alike. Regrettably, this stallion's factory audio options lack the horsepower to quench our thirst for meaningful bass reproduction.

Featuring an all-fiberglass, custom-formed, sealed enclosure, this Stealthbox® houses an innovative, 10-inch TW1 thin-line driver. The result is powerful, deep bass that's worthy of Ford's celebrated nameplate. Installs behind the passenger side panel in the cargo area and includes a custom grille.

The Hard Data: Contains one 10TW1-2 Subwoofer in a sealed enclosure. 300 watt power handling. Wired for 2 ohm mono. Installs behind factory panel in the passenger side rear cargo area. Subwoofer is protected by a black steel mesh grille and concealed by a cosmetic grille (both included). Installation requires removal of OEM subwoofer, if equipped and permanent modification of the factory panel. Fits 2-Door and 4-Door models. Will not fit Bronco Sport models.

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