Rockford Fosgate M1WL65MB


M1 6.5” ColorOptix™ Moto-Can Speakers

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Choose your color out of the box or adjust your own bright, wide, and limitless lightning experience with the Rockford Fosgate Color Optix™ plug-and-play controller and App (sold separately.) Purpose built for the off-road environment, Rockford Fosgate’s Element Ready™ products are built to stand up to water, dirt, mud and UV rays, making sure your speakers stand the test of time. With 3DIL™ technology or 360-degree rotating rear illuminated logo, a universal clamping system fitting 1-inch to 2-inch round bars, everything was designed and engineered for the perfect fit and finish for your ride. Integrated Deutsch™/Amphenol™ connections provide industry leading plug-and-play connectivity as well as error proof installation. The new innovative clamp-door also eliminates the need for a lanyard by preventing the captive Torx screw from vibrating loose.

Adjust color experience to suit your taste with Rockford Fosgate® Color Optix™ controller (optional)
Element Ready™ design protects against outdoor exposure
Integrated Deutsch™/Amphenol™ RGB and Speaker input makes wiring connections simple and error proof
Rear Color Optix™ Medallion with Illuminated RF logo
Infinitely rotatable rear lighted badge allowing for any orientation
Included mounting clamp fits SXS ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) from 1" to 2"
Integrated Deutsch™/Amphenol™ RGB and Speaker inputs
Deutsch™ connectors incorporate front/rear silicone seals to protect against environmental ingress
Comes loaded with Color Optix™ M1-65 Element Ready™ Speakers
Provides superb low and midrange frequency reproduction with smooth high frequency roll-off
100% UV Stable ASA plastic frame & grille design stands up to harsh marine environment
Injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone body with UV inhibitors
VAST vertical attach surround technique increases effective radiating cone area up to 25%
Klippel Verified certification program delivers the best possible speakers
IPX6 Water Intrusion Rated
2-Year Warranty

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Weight 11.00 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 cm


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