Rockford Fosgate PPS46


Punch Pro 6.5" 4-Ohm Midrange

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The PPS4-6 Punch Pro is a 6.5" midrange loudspeaker engineered for high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) conditions. The oversized motor structure and high temperature voice coil, combined with a fiber reinforced paper cone and corrugated treated cloth surround create the foundation for a highly sensitive speaker that can handle plenty of power. You'll be proud, because these things are loud! Includes protective grilles.

Stamp-cast aluminum frame
All Metal Input Spring Terminal Connection
Billet stock machined aluminum phase plug
Corrugated treated cloth surround
Fatigue and tear resistant poly cotton spider
Fiber reinforced high strength paper cone with treated "W" style surround
Grilles and mounting hardware included
High temp aluminum voice coil
Periodic-stitched fatigue resistant lead wire
Sold as individual units (not in pairs)
1 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 7.00 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 cm


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