Rockford Fosgate RFPOLRC34


Polaris® Ride Command® Interface for STAGE3 & STAGE4 Systems

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The Ride Command® audio interface (RFPOL-RC34) is designed to connect Rockford Fosgate amplifiers with a factory Polaris® Ride Command® source unit. The two-part harness taps both front and subwoofer audio signals from Ride Command®, actively filters any electronic noise caused by the DYNAMIX suspension system and feeds them to a TM400X4ad amplifier. The front channels power the front audio, and the rear channels power the subwoofer. The kit also allows you to take advantage of built-in Ride Command® crossovers for the best sound possible. Since one harness interfaces with the front/rear speaker amp, and the second connects to the subwoofer amp, it ensures Ride Command® properly distributes the correct audio frequencies to the proper speakers.

Active electronic noise suppressor
Retains factory Ride Command® as audio source
Designed for RZR®, RANGER™, and GENERAL™ equipped with Ride Command®
Compatible with both 5-button and 7-button RIde Command®
Eliminates pulse width modulated Noise in DYNAMIX suspension system
Eliminates turn-on pop associated with Ride Command® unit
Feeds Front & Subwoofer audio from Ride Command® to amplifier
Utilizes built-in crossovers from Ride Command® (100 Hz HP & 100 Hz LP)
Harness plugs exclusively into TM400X4ad
Includes remote-out to turn-on Rockford Fosgate amplifier
1 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 in


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