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Packing more oomph than its smaller brother iVolt Mini BAB-50, the new iVolt Xtra BAB-95 External Battery delivers high performance, more power, and increased durability to make your Thinkware Dash Cam’s Parking mode last even longer. The iVolt Xtra is encased in an elegant aluminum body that lends it a modern and sophisticated look, and comes with a user-friendly Bluetooth companion app to keep you informed of its state of charge.
The Benefits of using a Dash Cam Battery Pack

Extended Parking Mode

When Hardwired the Dash Cam will record in Parking Mode for approximately 8 hours (depending on the vehicle’s battery level) before powering down to save power. With the iVolt, your 1 Channel Dash Cam can run for 27 hours, and 2 Channel for 16 hours before needing to recharge the battery pack.

Safe for Luxury Vehicles

If you own a Luxury Vehicle such as a BMW, battery drainage not only means replacing the vehicle’s battery but it can also require the dealership to reset the vehicle’s electronics, which can turn into an extremely expensive fix.

By using a Dash Cam Battery Pack, you will still be able to use our Advanced Parking Mode risk-free.

Avoid Wear and Tear

With a Hardwired Dash Cam, the constant discharge on the battery over a long period of time can cause wear and tear. The iVolt Battery Pack only draws power to charge when you are driving the vehicle, which prevents damage to the vehicle’s battery over time. With the ignition off, the Dash Cam relies solely on the Battery Pack for power, eliminating the need to draw power from the vehicle’s battery completely.


High Capacity and a Long Run Time

With a capacity of 7500mAh / 96Wh, iVolt Xtra gives your Thinkware 2-channel dash cam 66% more power than the iVolt mini and a long run time of up to 27 hours* while in Motion Detection Parking Mode. In Energy Saving Mode, the battery can power the dash cam for up to 960 hours (40 days)* so that your dash cam doesn’t miss an incident while parked for long durations.
*Based on 2-channel dash cam in Motion & Detection Mode. Charging and run time may vary depending on the dash cam model and the environment.
iVolt Battery App

Accompanying the iVolt Xtra is its app, which allows you to check the battery’s status, performance, and temperature. The battery features built-in Bluetooth for easy pairing with your smartphone.
Fast Charging

Despite having a higher capacity than iVolt mini, iVolt Xtra can be fully charged in as little as 55 mins*, thanks to the Fast Charging feature. The battery can also be fully charged in 100 minutes* in standard charging mode without affecting the lifespan of the battery. The external battery recharges while you are driving and powers your dash cam when the car’s ignition is off.
Smart Charging

Smart Charging helps protect the battery against unexpected situations like overcharge, over-discharge, sudden input voltage change, and low voltage thanks to the PCM (Protection Circuit Module). It also provides Heat Protection while charging. If the temperature of the dash cam rises to more than 80°C, the battery will automatically cut off its power and the power to the dash cam to protect it.
Safe LiFePo4 Technology

The battery is made from Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) material, which is safer and more stable than lithium-ion, and has a lifespan that is 3 times longer than that of lithium-ion and nickel-based batteries.
Compatible with Electric Vehicles

iVolt Xtra External Battery can be safely hardwired into both electric and gasoline cars. However, it is not possible to hardwire BAB-95 in some electric vehicles like Teslas because they do not have a traditional fuse box.

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