Wet Sounds Wired Transom / Auxiliary Remote

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You may find yourself wanting more control of your MC-1 or MC-2 source unit in more places than one. The new, compact Wet Sounds Transom Remote will allow you to control the volume, change songs, or switch sources, giving you more time to play and less time climbing in and out to change the radio. Compatible with the WS-MC-1 and WS-MC-2 Source Units, easily mount the MC-TR in the location desired and plug in the proprietary 23' cable and your good to go! It's that easy. Connect 2 MC-TR's using the optional MC-TR Y cable.


Single Line LCD Display
Connects to the MC-BB via the built-in 10 inch cable (or included 23' extention cable)
RADIO – Presets, Seek/Scan/Manual Tune
PANDORA – Station control
AUX – Input control
Volume – Main level and all Zones individually (MC-1 ONLY)
* Can connect up to 2 MC-TR's to the MC-1 Media Center using MC-TR Y Cable.


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