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Class D Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier

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The Sinister-SDX 2500 Class D Mono Block Subwoofer Amplifier is the most powerful amplifier Wet Sounds has ever built. Employing Class D technology plus the Wet Sounds exclusive MAXED Power Supply, the Sinister-SDX 2500 achieves an efficiency rating of over 87% – one of the highest available in a marine amplifier. This means more power, less current drain, less strain on the electrical system, less generated heat. All resulting in more playing time!

The Sinister-SDX 2500 uses the same intelligent microprocessor controlled protection circuitry used on all Sinister SDX amplifiers for overvoltage/undervoltage protection, DC offset & speaker short protection, as well as thermal rollback to ensure consistent play in the harsh marine environment. The protection circuitry is displayed in the back lit Wet Sounds shield logo. Please refer to the user’s manual for details about the protection circuitry.

As further protection against use in the harsh marine environment, the SDX2500 includes a sealed chassis for the top mounted controls, and a four-layer conformal coated PC Board.


• Master/Slave configuration – Allows control of 2 or more SDX2500s from 1 set of controls. Gains, crossovers, bass boosts, subsonic filters, and remote levels can be controlled from a single “Master” SDX2500 amplifier. This eliminates gain/crossover matching normally needed when using multiple amplifiers. Also eliminates the use of RCA “Y” adaptors.See the user’s manual for more detail on this feature.

• Bridging configuration – Allows combining the power of 2 SDX2500 amplifiers into 1 channel. NOTE – a pair of SDX2500’s in bridged mode must NOT be connected to a speaker impedance load lower than 2 Ohms! See the user’s manual for more details on this feature.

• Remote Level Control – Included in all Sinister SDX amplifiers allows control of the total output of the amplifier.The Remote Level Control will never exceed the gain level set on the chassis of the amplifier. This control should be used as a convenience when only the bass output in the system needs to be decreased.

• Multi color top mounted LED Badge – All Sinister amplifiers come equipped with the Wet Sounds shield logo badge that can be set to display Red, White or Blue as the status indicator. The badge can also be rotated for vertical or horizontal placement – depending on how the amplifier is mounted.

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