Wet Sounds 8 Channel Line Driver

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Turn your basic 2-Channel input into 8-Channels of clean, adjustable output with the Wet Sounds WW-8CH-LD. When adding on to your existing system, rather splitting your signals, feed them directly to the Line Driver to ensure a powerful boost to get the cleanest sound possible. The high-voltage level will keep noise out of your system, while feeding your amps the signal they need to perform their best. Included is a wired rocker switch remote that will allow you to adjust 2 zones at any time on the fly. Ideally for those using tower speakers, use the included remote level to adjust the output level to desired level without having to adjust an amp or fumble thru your radio setting.

Setting is easy thanks to the LED level setting indicators, letting you know when your system has achieved the best sound. Just turn the dial under the control panel until the LED's light up blue, and your good to go. It's that easy.

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