XK Glow XK041004BLUE


Car Interior LED Accent Light Kit | 4 Strip Blue

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Key Features:

Single color, 3 Light Mode Undercar Kit
4pc ultra-slim 8" flex strips.
Newly designed car controller plug integrated mode button (on/off; solid color; 2 channel strobe; breath effect)
Exclusive waterproof plug & play design.

Awe inspiring, optimized for the premium light coverage of underbody, this 4pc kit is one of XKGLOW's most popular. Compact and ultra-bright lights that enhance your vehicle, this all-included kit is entirely plug-n-play, reducing installation time to a minimum. The strips can be attached to a broad range of positions under your car, which casts bright light from all angles without exposing the light source.

Tech Specs

Input voltage: 12V DC.
Power consumption: 0.15 A per tube
Car controller plug: 3.77" x 1.45" x 1.15"
Strip size: Overall size 7.6" x 0.48" x 0.32"


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