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They’re not big, nor are they that small. Just a group of obsessive audio experts—including some of the best engineers on the planet—making audio tools for people who love amazing sound. Cartronics carries Audio Control amplifiers and accessories.

Unwaveringly dedicated to the research of perfection in sound reproduction in vehicles, Audison pioneers innovation and doesn’t settle for anything less than excellence in every Audison product they bring to life. We carry the full line of Audison speakers, amplifiers, DPS units and accessories.

The BOSS Audio Systems family is focused on redefining the car audio market. Bringing new ideas to the forefront and keeping a keen eye on quality while expanding their product line with the latest technology and ideas. Boss is one of our “entry level” brands but they have proven to be quite reliable and packed with great features.

Compustar is a leading innovator in the mobile electronics industry, being the first-to-market with several game-changing technologies. We carry the full line of Compustar alarm and remote start systems and accessories.

Diamond Audio is well known for their car audio products and have now expanded their product lines with marine and motorcycle upgrades. We carry their motorcycle products as they have proven to be some of the best and loudest we have ever heard.

Quite simply, the best radar detectors on the market today. Escort offers a unit for every budget. Escort Live connects you to other users around you in real time. Escort Dash Cams help protect your drive by recording everything that happens in front of your car. We have carried Escort products for over 25 years.

The enthusiasm for music vibrates within the Hertz team and lies at the heart of everything we do. Over the years we have built an outstanding team of talented and passionate engineers who are committed to designing products at the top level of audio performance.

What can be said about JL Audio that hasn’t already been said? They have won countless awards for their products and offer some of the best car audio options that money can buy. You cannot go wrong with JL. We carry their car, marine and powersports audio products and accessories.

KENWOOD USA has taken a leading role in developing market-driven products and continues to operate as one of the largest manufacturers of personal entertainment and communications equipment in the world. We have carried Kenwood car audio products for many years and have always been impressed by the value of their offerings. If you want the most features at a great price, start here.

Mosconi has a very simple philosophy, putting all of its talent and experience in providing products and services that can help improve the everyday life of society, through a high aesthetic expression. All we know is that it sounds unbelievable. This is it. The pinnacle of automotive amplification and digital signal processing. The top of the line starts here.

Who doesn’t know Pioneer? They are a world leader in car and home audio. Where would car audio be without them? Great products at a great price. Pioneer has been upgrading our car stereos for longer than anyone else. Shop our selection of Pioneer products here.

Since day one, we’ve spearheaded the car audio revolution. Nothing’s changed. Rockford Fosgate® is still the global leader in audio innovation, design and engineering, delivering an experience of passion through sound in a way the world has never felt before.

Shop Sony Mobile ES™ Series here.

Sony’s top of the line products with the highest build quality and refinements for unmatched audio and video experience.

Innovation is part of Soundigital’s DNA. The continuous search for new technologies, the creation of products with high power and quality, are additive factors for the company’s growth. Shop here for SounDigital Motorcycle amplification.

Viper is the world’s best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. We use cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can count on every time. We have carried and installed Viper products for over 25 years. Start with Viper by clicking here.

Bringing a level of performance, style, and durability unparalleled in the audio industry, Wet Sounds’ marine, powersports, outdoor home, and lifestyle stereo systems and equipment provide crisp, high-quality audio that’s designed to be heard in the toughest environments whether your wake surfing on the lake, catching that big one off the coast, or enjoying some time with friends and family.

We are XKGLOW, a team of car lovers and bike riders in Springfield, Illinois since 2009. We believe automotive lighting should be more interactive, long lasting, and bright. Every XKGLOW design and feature are crafted through countless sketching and prototyping, until we are confident and proud to put them on our own vehicles.