4 Ways to Integrate a Backup Camera and Monitor into Your Vehicle

It’s the worst when you’re reversing out of your garage, the kids are screaming, and junk is blocking part of your view!

A backup dash camera and monitor are safe, effective and easy on the eyes when reversing; we all know that. But what are the differences and which backup dash cameras are best for you and your vehicle? Here we will go over some important information to help guide you in the right direction!

4 ways to integrate a camera and monitor into a vehicle.

1. Factory monitor

Typically with a factory monitor, you will need an interface to integrate the camera into a factory monitor as well as the camera. Some vehicles have the ability to add a factory-specific camera that doesn’t need an interface, which saves you money.

2. Standalone monitor

Some vehicles have features made into the rear-view mirror or factory radios that can’t be integrated with or removed. In that case, we can add a stand-alone monitor. Usually 3.5″-10″ in size, as well as the camera itself. Technology has come a long way lately, giving us the ability to have a camera displayed on your smartphone. It triggers automatically when you shift the vehicle to reverse. How convenient is that?

3. Rearview mirror monitor

Rearview mirrors have previously had a standard mirror mount across the major brands. For most vehicles, it’s as easy as removing the old mirror and replacing it with a high-quality mirror with a small monitor on the driver’s side. Some vehicles will need spacers or adapters in addition to the mirror. If this option is available to you, there is an upgraded model in stock that will add touchscreen navigation as well as Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls.

4. Replacement radio with touch screen monitor

We all either know someone who has had to replace a factory radio, or we’ve done it for ourselves—whether it’s a bad disc drive, more features, better sound quality, style, or whatever other reason. The touchscreen radio replacement only allows for a larger viewing display for the backup camera centrally located in the middle of the dash. The camera image will automatically appear on the screen when the vehicle is in reverse, and in some cases, it can be wired for viewing while in park or drive. This upgrade is normally done at a higher cost than the previous options, but it offers several extra benefits than camera integration alone.

Backup Cameras Installation

Cartronics provides backup camera and monitor installation in the Middle Tennessee area. Stop by today to speak with one of our professionals about which backup camera is best for you! We do dash camera installation, too!

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