Should I Get A Remote Car Starter?

Modern vehicles have a lot of technological affordances that make our lives a lot easier. Power windows are perhaps one of the most well-known incorporations of technology that might seem like a small advancement, but it benefits the people in a car quite a bit. Saving you the energy of manually rolling down a window makes the experience of riding in the car more enjoyable. 

Automatic locks, heated seats, automated side mirrors — the list of these advancements can go on and on. But one of the most advantageous technological advancements is the introduction of the ability to start your vehicle even if you’re not inside it. A remote car starter can have a number of benefits.

But what are these benefits? And how does a remote car starter work? Let’s look into the specifics. 

Benefits of a Remote Car Starter 

One of the main benefits of a remote car starter is that it allows you to get the vehicle to your preferred temperature from the comfort of your home. This means that you can turn your car on and let the air conditioner make your vehicle much more comfortable in the middle of the summer.  

Alternatively, it allows you to warm your car up in the winter. This is a great asset because not only does it mean you won’t be seeing your breath when you climb into the driver’s seat, but it also allows your engine to warm up before hitting the road. An added bonus is that it gives your windows time to defrost, which saves you the energy of scraping the ice from your windows. 

But aside from improving the temperature inside your car, a remote car starter can also allow you to locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Some remote car starters also include a security setting to keep your vehicle safe. 

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How Remote Car Starters Work 

A remote car starter is controlled with the help of a remote. Many of them are added to the keyfob that is generally included with new cars. These are the little buttons that allow you to lock and unlock your car doors from the outside.  

The remote car starter turns on certain functions of your vehicle without making the vehicle able to be driven. This is performed with the help of an encrypted radio signal that is dialed into your specific system. This removes the possibility of someone hopping in your car before you make it there and taking off with it, which is unfortunately common. Other safety measures include the inability to start the vehicle unless all the doors are locked. One extra precaution is that the engine will cut off if someone presses on the brake pedal without the key in the ignition. 

Different Kinds of Remote Car Starters

The basic functionalities of remote car starters are similar. At the very least, they will be able to start the engine of your vehicle without entering the car and inserting the key. However, there are a few different kinds of systems that afford different capabilities. 

Factory-Installed Remote Starter

Many vehicles come with a pre-installed remote car starter. These are usually a very basic version of a remote starter system. They will allow you to start your car but they have difficulty with ranges larger than thirty feet. 

Remote Car Starter Aftermarket 

These tend to offer more options for functionality. The range of operation is generally increased. Water resistance, interactive LED screens, and other features are available. 

Remote Control 

These remote car starters are operated with a fob. This can either be part of the key itself or simply attached to the key ring. These are small enough to easily fit into a purse or even a pocket. 

Smartphone Integration 

Some remote car starters are able to be controlled through a smartphone app. These are simply downloaded as an app and allow for the possibility to receive information from your car such as confirmation the engine is running or notifications that your car has been hit. 

Our Remote Car Starter Brands 

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