Hands Free Tennessee – What You Need to Know

New Hands Free Driving Law in Tennessee

Life behind the wheel has changed for Tennessee drivers.  On July 1st, a new hands free law was put in to effect.  The new law makes it illegal to hold a phone while driving in Tennessee.  Instead, you’ll have to either use Bluetooth audio devices or simply put your phone on speaker.

The new law’s goal is to reduce property damage, avoid wrecks and injuries, and most importantly – avoid fatalities on the road.  Using a phone for any reason while behind the wheel diverts the attention from the most important part of the driving experience.  That is not to say that phone calls while driving are illegal while behind the wheel. Simply the act of making a call or talking with your phone in your hand is.

Here is what you need to know:

  • If caught using a phone and are pulled over, 3 points can be added on your driving record per violation.
  • Fines for violating the law include a $50 fine for a first time offense
  • $100 for the third and following offenses and/or if it leads to a crash
  • $200 fine if it happens in a work zone with workers present or a school zone while lights are flashing

Luckily, Bluetooth and other hands-free technology can help.  With the proper hands-free technology, you can continue to answer calls, dictate messages, or even change your Spotify station.

Bluetooth Audio – How You Can Prepare

We specialize in this sort of technology for your car here at Cartronics. You can make your car sync up to your phone, hands-free today with easy to use devices like the iSimple ISFM2351 or Pioneer MVH-S312BT, or sync up your car with Apple Carplay and Android Auto smartphone interfaces with devices like the Alpine ILX-W650.  Devices like these will allow you to use the navigation apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze on the radio screen and control them by voice command, allowing you to remain hands free.  Feel free to contact us to learn more, or visit us at one of our three locations today!

At the end of the day, this law effects everyone on the road in Tennessee, so be sure to obey the law and using the proper Bluetooth enabled device.

Source: https://newschannel9.com/news/local/hands-free-in-tennessee-what-drivers-need-to-know-about-the-new-phone-law