Get Android Auto for the Vehicle you Already Own

Get Android Auto for the Vehicle you Already Own

Android Auto at CartronicsAndroid Auto

We spend hours each day using our Androids to make calls, listen to music, get directions, and text our friends and family. If you’re like most Americans, who drive an average of 101 minutes per day, a large portion of that phone usage happens in your car.

So why not take the Android interface you already know and seamlessly integrate it into the car you already own? Well, Pioneer (as well as other brands like Alpine, Kenwood coming soon) and Android asked the same question.  Their answer is the easiest, safest, and most fun way to use your Android in your car: Android Auto + a Pioneer compatible receiver.

Using Android Auto with your Pioneer compatible receiver couldn’t be simpler. Just plug in your phone to the receiver and your familiar Android interface will appear on the large screen in your dash. For the rest of your drive, you can simply put your phone away and ask Google or select the icons on your in-dash screen.

How Can Android Auto Work for You? 

Just plug in your phone and Android Auto automatically launches. Android Auto features maps, music, and all the apps you love! It also works with your car’s controls – knobs, buttons, or touchscreen.

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Voice – No more reading and typing while driving

  • Use Google voice to send and reply to text messages
  • Google Voice will read your received texts to you so you can keep your eyes on the road where they belong
  • Make calls, answer calls, and listen to voicemail using simple voice commands
  • Ask for appointments, weather and directions with a simple press of a button

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Maps – Ask Google Voice for directions 

  • Ask for directions to specific destinations like your local airport or the nearest coffee shop or a specific address, without typing.
  • Once you choose your destination you’ll get turn-by-turn directions, the ability to zoom in on the map, and scroll through 2D and 3D maps. You’ll also be able to view live traffic, points of interest, and different routes with real-time traffic updates.

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Music – Choose your music without ever looking at your phone

  • Simply tell Google Voice to “Play (song title)” and get instant gratification
  • Access playlists, radio stations, and all of the music you’ve stored on your phone

BONUS for MUSIC LOVERS: Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio apps are now compatible with Android Auto too!

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More apps Available:

  • iHeartRadio, Joyride Podcasts, Kik, Threema, NPRone, Skype, Talkray, Pocket Casts, Contacts +, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Text Me!, textPlus, TuneIn Radio, Umano and ICQ Messenger.
  • More apps are in development

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Need help choosing an Android Auto compatible product? Give us a call or come visit us so we can help you get the right unit for your vehicle and lifestyle. You can also count on us to get it installed the right way the first time.

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