An Amplifier Tutorial Part 1: What Everyone Should Know About Amplifier Power

You don’t need to know how an amplifier works to enjoy the benefits of one in your car. 

All you need to know is that the music goes in one end, comes out LOUDER from the other end, and it uses your car battery to make that happen. But how much power do you need? There are a few factors to consider such as speaker placement, speaker efficiency, road and engine noise but mostly, it just comes down to your own preference and how loud you like your music.

In this amplifier tutorial, we want to be sure to cover everything! We have three different parts which will range from different amplifier terms, gain, crossover, and subsonic filter. But first we want to cover the most important part, which makes your car audio sound better than your friends’ systems: POWER! 


  • 50 watts per channel is usually enough to overcome road noise and provides a noticeable difference in volume and clarity at higher volumes. This is a good power range for factory speakers, their aftermarket replacements and most entry-level coaxial and component speaker sets.
  • 75-100 watts per channel will easily push most aftermarket coaxial and component speakers to ear damaging levels while staying within the limits of the speaker system. The extra power will help the speakers play even louder without distortion or loss of clarity.
  • 150+ watts per channel on a high-end midrange speaker system will push the limits of your speakers and your ears while providing plenty of headroom for the loudest peaks and transients in your music.
  • 300 – 1,200 watts per channel is the sort of power that is usually reserved for subwoofers as they are typically the only type of speaker that can handle it.
  • 1,500 watts and beyond are for subwoofers only. At this point, you’ll need to start considering other electrical system upgrades such as capacitors, auxiliary batteries, and high output alternators to ensure that both your car and your system have the power they need.

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